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Abdulllah Alamin
13 jul 2022
In Discusiones generales
The decision was imposed on Google for breaching EU antitrust rules by giving “unlawful advantages to another Google product: its shopping comparison service. Google must end this conduct within 90 days,” or face additional penalties, European Commission (EC) competition chief Margrethe Vestage said on Tuesday. Google says the EU has failed to prove harm to consumers or its rivals, namely Amazon and eBay. The wrong argument First, let me make it clear that I'm not saying Google isn't dominant. I'm also not suggesting that Google doesn't favor its own shopping results. This is clearly the case. Because it's a search engine. Meet NinjaCat 'Shinobi', the agency of the future's all-in-one reporting and monitoring platform Posted: 2020-11-18 The reports are so 2000 and lame! Everything in our world - from software to phones, cars and TVs - is getting smarter, faster and sleeker. Isn't it time customer reports also got smarter, faster and more elegant? If I can automate my pizza order, why can't I automate a better customer relationship? Compelling client presentations that tell the right story are jewelry retouching service the future, and NinjaCat is the platform of choice for agencies looking to differentiate themselves and take their business to the next level. Allow me to set up the story and introduce myself, I'm Scott Guttenberger, marketing ninja. I have been in the shoes of modern digital advertising agencies. I know the struggles! Client inquiries, campaign optimization, budget tracking and manual client reporting. I know the selling points of winning new customers and the effort required to retain customers. Clients want to know the results of marketing campaigns they spend thousands of dollars on and constantly force you to answer the question “What have you been doing for me lately?” All the agencies are bragging about how amazing their reporting is: "We report on everything." This is often a tactic used to gain customers. In my last agency job, we reported on…everything. We spent about two weeks each month compiling data from Facebook, AdWords, GA, Bing, AdRoll, Twitter, call tracking providers and more for over 30 clients. This took a huge amount of time each month and took time away from optimizing campaigns.