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sanzida aktar
14 jul 2022
In Discusiones generales
The Law on the Protection of Children and Adolescents Welfare and Rights and Interests gives the government the power to place children in the family or even deprive them of guardianship so that they can leave the home forever when children are subjected to certain mistreatment. Even so, in fact, the social worker will not easily place the child in execution, and will only consider placing the child when the circumstances are serious. This is difficult for many teachers or the public in schools to understand. In their eyes, they may often see the part that the child is not photo background removing treated well: the family may not have a meal due to the poor financial situation, the family is busy with work and has not taught the child well, or even domestic violence has occurred. Since the children have been hurt, and the change of parents seems to be far away, why not just let the child leave the house and find a better person to take care of him? Why didn't the social worker place it? In a family full of difficulties, there are often traces of love. In the process of talking with teachers at work, I can see that the worries of teachers or adults are genuine. They are worried that their children will be hurt and hurt, so they are angry and sad, hoping that they will not live in an environment full of harm, and they don’t know how to improve it. In fact, if we have the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of a family, we will find that even in those chaotic families, there are moments of love that belong to them. Ask ourselves, not everyone always grows up in joy, harmony and happiness: parents will quarrel, the family economy will be bad, and many parents’ discipline also makes us angry and sad, and there are always some conflicts and conflicts in every family. When it hurts, even then we grow up and possibly love our home.