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Md. Naim Hasan Student
17 jul 2022
In Discusiones generales
as well as sisters Zhang Fenfang and Zhang Yuanyuan, but he became a betting pigeon, emotionally out of control and tyrannical father. Zhang Jinshan’s emotions come from his own origin. He studied in a public school and then became a young worker in Taiwan, as well as his experience in a poetry club when he was implicated by white terror in college. The innocence in his heart always seemed to stay outside. The naming of the characters, the plot design, and the recurring symbols in the book, as clues in the novel, reflect Zhang Jinshan's spiritual innocence - Chunzi, the old picture restoration daughter of a music teacher, Xie Youchun and only son Xie Zhen who caused a misunderstanding between teachers and students in the school, and Jumei A mythical beast, a young deer that cannot tell male and female, a metaphor for poetry. Readers can see many scenes and depictions of the concept of innocence, and Zhang Jinshan is always among them: "Junzi has already put on her coat, she poked her head into the classroom, and happily waved goodbye to Jinshan who was stunned, like a bird in early spring. , jumped over the stagnant water and left lively. Her belt was not fastened, it slipped slightly, like a white butterfly, swaying behind her." However, innocence was also the source of Zhang Jinshan's lifelong depression: "Sadness is contagious. Yes.
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