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jebin khatun
03 ago 2022
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At this point, while many publishers/sites are allowing data providers to scan their sites and aggregate the information, premium publishers like Gartner do not allow their sites from being included in these scans. For example, intent data providers are not able to scan Gartner’s website to see who is reading the latest Magic Quadrant on Business Intelligence software. Some of the best intent data on the market today comes from well-known B2B content communities where buyers go to self-educate. For example, BrightTalk is a well-known webinar content destination for business professionals in Marketing and Sales. Software developers go to sites by TechTarget (i.e. SearchCloudComputing) to learn about different technologies. Marketing Ops professionals visit software review sites like Capterra or G2Crowd when researching marketing technology like marketing automation platforms. Because these places provide highly targeted content and users have to register / self-identify before viewing or download content, they are able to provide strong signals of intent. However, because a user must land on a specific site or a relatively small network of sites, you will be able to get intent data on just a subset of people. How Do You Want to Utilize Intent Data? A list of active accounts without named contacts restricts its usefulness to marketing activities such as Italy Phone Number List programmatic ad targeting. If you want deeper funnel applications such as lead prioritization or personalized emails, you need to get intent data at the individual / contact level. As I mentioned above, certain B2B content communities/media companies can provide you with individual/contact-level intent data based on consumption of highly relevant content. Another place to get granular, contact-level intent data is through social media. There’s a wealth of behavioral data that exists within social media platforms. On Twitter, you can identify potential buyers based on their tweets and following relations. On LinkedIn, you can find potential buyers by looking at their job titles, companies, group affiliations (i.e. Marketo User Group in Seattle, WA), the influencers they follow, and the articles they share and comment on. On Quora, you can look at which users are asking questions related to a specific product category. On Meetu you look at the users who attended certain meetups.
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