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Md Mostakim Hossain
13 jul 2022
In Discusiones generales
Humanizing your brand isn't just a marketing tactic; it's a happiness tactic that can help you create meaningful relationships and therefore more value. Lesson 2: Find the right influencers When I started reaching out to bloggers – long before I started writing for SEJ – I was only targeting the best bloggers. Advertising Continue reading below I sent email after email, and I was still frustrated that I didn't see a high response rate and had almost no clicks on my links in the email. Needless to say my emails were useless. 90% of my time was spent emailing as many influencers as I could find. The remaining 10% was spent finding their email addresses. I quickly learned that was a big mistake. When I finally got my first big e-commerce client, I did a lot of research on influencer marketing and how other brands were leveraging influencers for reach and traffic. One of the most surprising findings was how much more successful their influencer marketing campaigns were then, well, mine. I decided image masking service to review my outreach strategy. To find out the different ways I reached out to influencers, check out the details I posted in this link building article. In short, I spent hours tracking down and building lists of influencers in certain niches that I was interested in, I thought our target audience would be interested in. Then I took a lot of time to build relationships with these influencers: add value and show real interest in their blog posts through blog comments and sending shoutouts to them on social media every time that I find appropriate. Advertising Continue reading below The interaction I had was amazing and helped restructure my total outreach strategy. And, most importantly, the influencers were happy to work with my client and me. Before diving into the outcome of my revamped strategy, a few notes on how to identify influencers in your niche who will want to work with you: Customer testimonials: Customers who already recommend your product and share positive feedback are most likely willing to partner with you, so it should be easy. Social media follow-up: Customers who actively participate in your social channels by sharing your content or commenting on a post provide you with a great opportunity to reach out to them. Competitors: If someone is talking about your competitor's products, it is already more likely that they belong to your niche.