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Shakib Khan
21 jun 2022
In Discusiones generales
And extract useful information that facilitates Coinbase User List decision-making within companies. Specifically, in Marketing it helps to make strategic decisions. How is the data interpreted? The data is obtained through different channels: mobile Coinbase User List devices Social networks online stores the websites And these are just some of the fonts used. Our tastes, routines or movements generate data of great value for companies That want to know their customers in Coinbase User List detail. However, the interpretation of unstructured data does not provide any value to companies. For data interpretation, Data Science includes: Data cleansing and restructuring Data analysis Definition of the correct business questions so that they respond to the objectives of the company and Coinbase User List can be treated analytically Data visualization with graphs to extract intelligence from them. Presentation of Insights and business recommendations Coinbase User List Creation of data-centric products, aimed at companies that use analysis to generate new technological solutions. Data Science requires (in addition to analytical capacity) business knowledge and business vision to extract and transmit recommendations adapted to the needs of the company. Make marketing decisions based on Data Science The use of data science is becoming more important in marketing decision making.
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