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zarin taslima
17 jul 2022
In Discusiones generales
The International Swimming Association (FINA) voted today (June 19, 2022) to adopt new rules that prohibit transgender people after the age of 12 or transgender people who have experienced any stage of male puberty from participating in the top events of the women's event. This landmark decision means that the swimming event took the lead in formulating transgender competition rules that are different from most other Olympic events. At present, most events still limit eligibility company banner design by setting a cap on testosterone; the International Swimming Federation also intends to There is a separate "open" category in the competition for contestants whose gender identity does not match the sex at birth. International Swimming Federation President Husain Al-Musallam said the decision was made to "protect our athletes' rights to compete" but also to "protect the fairness of competition". World Athletics president Lord Coe welcomed FINA's decision and suggested that the World Athletics Federation could follow suit with similar rules. Baron Coe told the BBC there was "no room for negotiation" on the fairness of sporting competitions.
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